About us

Our story

Hello and thank you for visiting us!

We are Cat and Joey, friends from Sydney, Australia.

Our story began in Summer 2017, shopping for a new handbag and unable to find what we wanted – a genuinely useful and beautiful, high quality leather bag without the luxury price tag. The more we looked, we became overwhelmed by all the luxury handbags that look fabulous but barely fit your phone, and expensive designs that only last the season.

We believe the future is products that are practically perfect – classic, timeless, multi-functional and resilient.

And so, we designed our own perfect handbag, taking features we loved from our favourite brands and adding our own touches. We tested them with friends and members of the public and quickly found that we weren’t alone in our struggle to find the perfect bag.  We have been testing and iterating prototypes ever since…we knew we were onto a winner when our testers told us they couldn’t remember what bag they used before!

Since then we have partnered with a fabulous tannery in Istanbul, Turkey, which meets our high standards of quality and manufactured our first range of products. 

Inspired by the effortless style of our home town of Bondi, Sydney we named our brand after our postcode - 2026.  We’re thrilled to launch our First Edition range – the Curlewis - which is named after our favourite street in Bondi…can you tell we like our home?!

We hope you love our bags as much as we do.

With love,

2026 x

Our vision

To create lifelong, beautiful bags made responsibly from the highest quality leather.

By sourcing our own leather and engaging a talented producer directly we want to pass the cost savings onto you.

Where your bag comes from

We know the journey the your bag came on. We believe it is only fair that you know too.

We manufacture our bags in Turkey in a tannery which sources its leather locally finding the highest quality, trusted suppliers. Together our suppliers have over 130 years of expertise in leather production.


Leather is a very durable material so we hope your 2026 bag will be a lifelong belonging. Leather becomes increasingly more beautiful and personal every time you use it. It adapts to your posture, your skin patterns and how you take care of it.